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PART 2: The word about the negative effects of coal is spreading…

Everybody working to stop MTR in the coalbearing region of Appalachia deserves a pat on the back. From National Geo, Grist, Vanity Fair, and inter-national newspaper coverage, the word is getting out more than ever before.

Check out item #6 in this editorial from the Port Huron, MI, newspaper:

Austin Hall, recently presented Appalachian Treasures on a tour all over southern MI, including the Bioneers Conference satellite location in Detroit (near Port Huron where the Times-Herald). Here are the rest of the tour stops.

The MTR messages seems to be getting through to the Sierra Club – check out Carl Pope’s latest missive in the Huffington Post. He links to KFTC’s webpage about Bob Edward’s XM satellite radio broadcast, called “Exploding Heritage“.





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