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Corvallis consultant spreading the word about ‘hurricane pine’

[ Mississippi ] The U.S. Forest Service has hired a Corvallis timber industry consultant to find creative ways to market a brand-new grade of lumber from the Gulf Coast : hurricane pine. More than a year after Katrina tore through the region, vast tracts of downed timber remain strewn across the landscape — including an estimated 3.2 billion board feet in Mississippi alone….a huge number of those trees are pines that have been infected by a fast-spreading fungus called blue stain. While the logs are still sound, the fungus sends ribbons of blue through the normally clear white grain of the wood. Most lumber manufacturers wouldn’t know how to grade blue-stain pine and might simply reject it as unsaleable. But Mater Engineering has made a specialty out of finding new markets for wood products that were once discarded as waste.

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