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Environmental Internship at Dogwood Alliance

This program is designed to give students around the region who care about the environment chance to participate in real, on the ground change by creating powerful leverage on companies whose practices destroy millions of acres of Southern forests every year. Work independently in your city, on your campus, or your home with Dogwood Alliance staff through bi-weekly check in calls.

Desired qualifications:

* Ability to work independently
* Care for environmental issues—particularly focused on southern forests protection
* Good communication skills
* Independent, analytical thinker

Dogwood Alliance is the only organization in the South holding corporations accountable for the impact of industrial forestry practices on our forests and our communities. Through a combination of persistent grassroots pressure and skillful negotiation, we get the results necessary to create real and lasting protection for Southern forests.

We are accepting applications on a rolling basis, so feel free to apply for the remainder of the Fall, Spring or summer term. Duration of the internship is dependent on location and can be discussed.

I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to pass this info along to anyone who might be interested in applying.







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