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Dubconcious promotes “concious” Music Tour

imageWe’ve all seen them; bands in concert busses traversing the country in large diesel fume belching behemoths. For any up and coming band the only way to get your music “out there” is to hit the road, and play as many venues across the US as possible. The road allows bands to explore their live music capabilities, expose themselves to a potentially larger fan base and truly hone their musical abilities. The downside is you’re confined to the cramped usually uncomfortable living space of a coach bus. These busses aside from being your communal home away from home are not the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. The larger ones generally average between five and seven miles a gallon, spewing leaded emissions into our already carbon ridden atmosphere. With increasing attention being paid to issues like Global Warming, fuel-efficient vehicles, melting ice caps, and cute penguins in peril. I can imagine that there must be a small element of guilt associated with driving across the country to promote a personal music career. image Unless you are a member of the Athens, Georgia based band Dubconcious. Their aging Coach Bus burns up southeastern interstates running on healthier, cleaner burning Biodiesel. The bands driver, Field is the caretaker/driver for the Biodiesel bus, before tours he finds out where gas stations are along the route that sells Biodiesel, Field informed me at a recent Dubconcious show in Boone, North Carolina, that they usually have to drive only a small distance out of their way to find a gas station that sells this reliable clean alternative to oil. Biodiesel is made from any fat or vegetable oil; it naturally contains no petroleum but can be blended with diesel fuel to create a Biodiesel- blend, which can be used in ANY diesel engine with little or no modifications (Diesel owners take heed). Bio-Diesel has become a part of the Dubconcious message; because they are successful musicians they have the ability to spread the good word about bio-diesel while spreading their reggae infused music across the country. Bio-Diesel emits 70% less greenhouse gasses, lubricates and retards wear to the engine, and has been road tested by truckers, private car owners, farmers and the US Postal Service, with millions of miles being traveled using Biodiesel. Aside from being a healthy choice for the earth and its inhabitants, Biodiesel decreases our dependence on foreign oil. Our boys are not dying in the desert for this fuel, and rather our farmers are being conscripted to grow more soybeans to develop this domestic energy source. imageI salute Dubconcious not only for pursuing their musical calling, but to educating the people they seek to entertain on this alternative to foreign oil. Dubconcious is not the only band that uses a Biodiesel bus. A very well known Texas born musician named Willie Nelson traverses the country in a bio bus and even has his own Biodiesel Company called BioWillie. Dubconcious is making a difference in this world by not only doing what they love, but by traveling in a bus that shows Americans that saving the world is never as hard as it seams. To learn more about bio-diesel please check out




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