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New consortium aims to promote better research to protect state’s forests

Each day, Florida gains an average of 1,000 residents and loses more than 200 acres of forest—but University of Florida experts say rapid urbanization doesn’t doom the state to a treeless existence. That rapid urbanization is the reason 10 public and private agencies are pooling resources to promote better, more comprehensive research and education programs aimed at keeping Florida ’s forests healthy and abundant. The Cooperative for Conserved Forest Ecosystems: Outreach and Research, or CFEOR, is a just-formed group of agencies connected to the state’s forests. It is the first time in the state’s history that these agencies have pulled together to save taxpayer dollars to conduct research and outreach aimed at conserving and managing Florida’s forests. Research CFEOR will fund and conduct includes restoring forest ecosystems, controlling invasive species, using fire to keep forests healthy, helping protect threatened species, developing cost-effective conservation strategies and improving the management of forest recreation.

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