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Tonights Senatorial debate in Virginia will be available on C-SPAN. Jim Webb (D) has seemed impressive, if imperfect. But Allen (R) has been absolutely on the ropes, recovering from scandal after scandal. Recent revalations have shown that he didn’t disclose his stock options.

Tennessee’s Senate hopefuls debated the other night. Its a spirited debate. You might check it out.

Ford seems to be pulling away, and was just endorsed by the Chattanooga Police and Fire Departments. Thats a big blow to Corker, who was Mayor of Chattanooga when I was there. A recent USA TODAY/Gallup poll showed Ford (D) at 50%, and Corker (R) at just 45%. Ford did just make his first real slip of the campaign, claiming he was a lawyer, but never having passed the bar exam.
Corker though, has had it worse. Republicans with ties to the RNC have been busted faking voter registration forms, Corker has been accused of darkening Rep. Ford’s skin in campaign literature….
…with the sinister intention of making Representative Ford look “blacker.”
And, in my opinion, Corker just got tossed around like a rag doll in last nights debate. Ford looked like someone worthy to be a US Senator, and Corker looked like a cookie cutter politician.

What do the Polls say?
Last 10 polls
Ford (D) :45
Corker (R):43

Trend: Strong Ford

last 10 polls
Allen (R): 48
Webb(D): 43

Trend: Slight Webb





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