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Experts say blazes helped wilds

[ Idaho ] Forest managers in Idaho say the summer ‘ s fires followed historic fire patterns that will help forest ecology that was thrown out of balance by a century of fire suppression. More than 800,000 acres burned in the state, but only destroyed a few homes. The Boise National Forest let some naturally caused fires burn if they weren ‘ t threatening homes. ‘ ‘ There is a willingness in today ‘ s environment to basically back off, let the fire increase in size if there isn ‘ t a firefighter safety issue, ‘ ‘ David Olson, Boise National Forest spokesman, told the Idaho Statesman. John McCarthy of the Wilderness Society, a conservation group, said the policy is good for forests. ‘ ‘ For the forest in general, it was positive and really what you ‘ d hope to see, ‘ ‘ he said.

News notes are courtesy of Southern Forests Network News Notes





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