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Appalachian MTR Panel

Taken by Bob Swenson at last week’s MTR Panel

From Kris:

In the pic, left to right:
1) Paula Bradshaw, Illinois Green Party (her husband Rich Whitney is running for Governor on the state’s first Green Party statewide slate; the party has been effectively locked out of any debates, not that those events generally involve *actual* debate…)
2) Dave Christensen, retired Geog/Enviro professor. Dave is one of my fav “gray panthers” – always writing provocative letters to the editor on a number of issues
3) Austin, who did a great job – kudos to him, & you for sending him!
4) Bob Tyson, “Uncle Bob” is active in Sierra Club and knows every just about every worthwhile wilderness spot in Southern Illinois by heart
5) Clara McClure… I just met Clara that night. Great lady
6) Barb McKasson, also Sierra Club. Barb does a lot of education/outreach and also lobbying at state level. Lately I know she’s been very involved in coal-fired (mercury) power plant issues, and also clean water & wilderness campaigns
7) Corina Lang, long-time forest activist. Corina just got back from a several-week trip out west, during which she turned her pickup into a giant traveling bumper sticker to raise awareness about MTR. She’ll also be at the Heartwood reunion.
8) Bob Swenson [pic-taker], teaches architecture here at SIUC, and also serves on board of the Interfaith Center. Bob grew up in rural eastern KY (Ibelieve), and so this issue is very near & dear to his heart.

I am continually inspired by the variety and amazing quality of everyone who is working to stop mountaintop removal. Thanks Kris, and Austin, and everyone involved!





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