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Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition (OHVEC)

The first place I go to look for news every morning is the website of the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition, or OHVEC for short. Their work within the coalfields is second-to-none, their website and daily news links are indispensable parts of what we do here on this blog, and our collaborations have been resounding successes as of late.

SO…I wanted to alert folks to a fundraiser for OHVEC that you need to be sure to attend.

imageThe Appalachian Landscape: Bob Ross Don’t Live Here no More
November 11th, 2006
949 3rd Avenue
Huntington, West Virginia

This morning, three cheers for OHVEC!!

Some of my favorite features of their website:
Outrageous Quotes!
Some of my favorites…

A valley is erosion in its purest form. Valley fills correct that. The water still flows.”

To imply that we’re flattening Appalachia is so untrue,” Kentucky Coal Association president Bill Caylor says. “We’re creating level land for Appalachia.”

“Right now, all they’re looking at is trees,” Yeager said. “When we’re done, they can look over and see grass and see animals running. That’s a whole lot prettier than trees.”

“Under the president’s watch, our air is cleaner, our water is purer, our parks are better managed, our wilderness is protected and we’re adding wetlands once again for our wildlife.” – Stephen Griles (featured in the Sierra Club Cartoon “Mining Gone Wild.”

The impact of an 80,000 pound vehicle is not any less lethal than a truck that weighs 120,000 pounds,” Dingess said. “Trust me, you won’t feel a difference when it hits you.”

And don’t miss the photo galleries. Great aerial footage of MTR sites, ”reclamation”, activism, and Vivian’s most perfect garden. 🙂




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