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The Last Warm Day?

Linkes 10-02-06
I took this picture at Kayford Mountain, WV. You can learn more about Kayford at the National Memorial For the Mountains, so Ill spare you that. Just know that it was my first time to see MTR in person, and probably the most haunting day of my entire life. I was there with maybe a dozen other young people who are leading the fight nationwide to stop mountaintop removal. The image of this tiny flower finding its way through was pretty lasting. Go visit Larry.

(Hat-tip to Kris!)
Coal Will Be Top Enemy in Fighting Global Warming

Cheap coal will be the main enemy in a fight against global warming in the 21stcentury because high oil prices are likely to encourage a shift to coal before wind or solar power, a top economist said on Thursday.

Green by the Grace of God. Awesome.

15 WV Counties have switched to biodiesel on their school busses!

The many benefits and low costs of a solar home

Coal-field residents ROCK the WV capitol! My hat is off to Judy. You are a true inspiration.

Massey CEO Don Blankenship is funding push polls in order to sway voters, and using VERY sensitive and specific information to get under your skin:

More recently, the national GOP has pioneered the strategy of micro-targeting.
Here’s how it works: Political consultants build sophisticated databases that include not just how you voted in previous elections, but whether you drive a Subaru Outback or a Ford F-150, and whether you prefer to shop at Wal-Mart (a likely Republican) or Target (a swing-voter.)
Then they develop profiles of the types of voters that support their preferred candidate and determine which are swing-voters who need further convincing.
Next, they conduct polls to determine what sets you off, known as “anger points.” These are the issues that make you mad enough to show up on Election Day.
Finally, you might receive mailings targeted to your “anger” issue — abortion, corruption, high gas prices, etc.
It’s a more effective way to target political money, especially in a low-turnout midterm election, said Tom Susman, director of TSG Consulting in Charleston.

And, get WV investing in some dang wind power!!!





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