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+Cool! Sportsmen target global warming, and so do the churches. Even the the Evangelicals are on our side on this one!! Where is the government response?

+Where do the “jobs” go when your mine runs out of coal after 29 years?

+Maybe it’s not all just for the sake of the kids.

In a letter sent to executives of the coal industry or related businesses (including at least one Democratic legislator who managed to be included on the mailing list), Don Blankenship is requesting donations to industry-friendly legislative candidates.

The letter reads: “Anyone in the West Virginia extractive or related businesses knows all too well that we need to improve our state Legislature. Most of you are aware of my efforts. Attached you will find a list of delegate or Senate candidates that I would appreciate your contributing $500 to. We all need to remain aware that, no matter what district a candidate represents, his or her votes in the Legislature affects you just the same.”

Stopping Blankenship is a great incentive to throw some coin to Pennies of Promise.

Sago counseling money unused. $35,000 was approved in April but remains unreleased.

The Manchin administration has yet to start spending a federal grant approved five months ago meant to help provide counseling to residents struggling with the lingering trauma of the Sago Mine disaster.

Federal officials approved the $35,000 grant in April, but the state has not released the funding to the Appalachian Community Mental Health Center in Elkins.

This is really sad, considering the news that two involved in the Sago situation recently committed suicide.





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