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New Sustainable Forestry Model – Basis of Highly Profitable Business Segment for Precious Woods

[ Washington , DC ] The “multiple asset approach” to forestry was developed by Forest Trends’ Business Development Facility, an international non-profit organization that works to expand the value of forest to society, and was funded by the International Finance Corporation. The Business Development Facility helps forest operators move from a ‘single-asset approach’ where cut timber is seen as the only real value of forests, to a ‘multiple-asset approach’ that diversifies revenue streams by capitalizing on non-timber products and services that generate higher real returns on the forest asset. This diversified approach also results in additional benefits such as: biodiversity preservation, benefits for and improved relations with local community and other stakeholders, land appreciation, asset protection, risk reduction and positive public relations. This approach will assist in setting and promoting new standards for sustainable forest management, particularly in developing economies.

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