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Ed Wiley/MTR week

Im still collecting my thoughts and working to articulate my unrepentent awe at Ed’s accomplishment. He arrived in DC on his birthday healthy, energized, and a just a little road-wary. He was amazing at the press-conference. I hope that he is sitting under his favorite tree right now, and enjoying not having to walk 15+ miles. 🙂

I am also coming to terms with just how amazing every group and individual was at the stop mountaintop removal week in Washington. An update on that tommorrow, and please forgive my spottiness in posting the last few days. I’ve got a whole weeks worth of school and job #2 to catch up on, but by this weekend the blog should be firing on all cylinders again.

Until then, OHVEC has a cool wrap-up and photo gallery of Ed’s arrival to DC.

And please dont forget to check out, and sign-up to end mountaintop removal, and help ME overtake Sandra in outreach impact!

imageAlso…this is our newest family member. Her name is Maybe and she is an 8-week-old half boxer/half great dane puppy. Sweet as could be.

Best wishes to everybody, and I hope that it has been as beautiful where you are as it has been in Boone. Fall is creepin in.




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