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Knock Knock Knockin on D.C.’s Door!!

imageWhen we started this epic adventure, we spoke in reverend tones about the distance that we had to go. 450 miles takes on an entirely new perspective when you are confronted with the reality that this is no longer a day trip, welcome to the 40 day march to DC. After 37 days on the road, experiences we could never have imagined, countless memories and and moments spent in disbelieve of our current reality. We are now at the threshold of our final destination, 35 miles from DC. It is almost impossible to wrap your head around. Ed Wiley is knocking on the front door of our nations capital. The three amigos (Jordan Ed and I) have been joined by Adams Wood a filmographer from Asheville North Carolina who has putting a film together on Ed and Coal issues for the past two years, Hillary Hosta from Naoma and Shaun Price from Rock Creek West Virginia. Today was a turning point in the walk, we have entered the land of commuter traffic, 6 lane highways
and the hustle and bustle that compliments the craziness of urban environments.

Shaun Price a father of a Marsh Fork Elementary school student accompanied Ed on his first interstate miles today. Down the highway these two men walked in the hot sun in adverse conditions in effort to deliver the students of Marsh Fork Elementary a SAFE school within their community.

I had a wonderful albeit unexpected surprise today. This afternoon in Leesburg Virginia we unloaded Ed unfurled his flag, and accompanied him on the first few blocks of his walk today. As we were walking down the street tow frantic women crossed the street bearing straight for us, waving their arms and screaming in a 6 year old on the playground sort of way. At first I was caught off guard, as was the rest of the party. But then upon closer inspection and to my absolute delight, I realized the two frantic women were my Mom and Sister and my cousin Shawn who was not quite as frantic but still excited to find us. Oh and I almost forgot to to tell you, we have our meeting with Byrd Ed Wiley will now bring the plea of the Marsh Fork Elementary School to the national delegation of West Virginia WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

And We Press On





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