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Cooperating Across Boundaries: Partnerships to Conserve Open Space in Rural America

Growth and land conservation are often seen as two opposing forces with proponents of each scrambling to beat the other to valuable land. Fortunately, a new paradigm is emerging. Development and conservation of open space can be compatible and complementary when applied in strategic, collaborative ways. This publication focuses on the benefits of partnerships and working across jurisdictional boundaries to conserve the rapidly dwindling open space of rural America . The Nation’s forests are particularly vulnerable. Counties with national forests and grasslands are experiencing some of the highest growth rates as people move to be close to public lands. Unfortunately, as lands near the national forest borders are subdivided, our ability to manage the public land for healthy forests and public enjoyment becomes increasingly difficult. The future is even less certain where forests are in private ownership as the vast majority are since residential growth alters the ability of these forests to provide ecosystem services and public benefits such as water quality, wildlife habitat, and a sustainable flow of forest products.

USDA Forest Service

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