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Forest Service to delay Globe logging plan

Federal officials say a new plan will be devised for a
logging proposal near Blowing Rock that has drawn
intense public opposition.

Forestry officials got more than 1,200 comments from
the public, with most against cutting trees on 231
acres in Pisgah National Forest.

Opponents of the plan said the cutting, in an area
known as the Globe, would ruin views that attract
tourists and destroy some ancient trees.

District Ranger Joy Malone said officials “clearly
heard the importance people place on the scenic views
of the forest from around Blowing Rock.”

Three weeks ago, hundreds of Blowing Rock residents –
mostly retirees – filled Blowing Rock Town Hall to
protest the original plan.

The Globe is about one mile south of downtown Blowing
Rock and can be seen from a variety of vantage points
in the area including the attraction known as The
Blowing Rock, Canyons Restaurant, and the Blue Ridge

So many people expressed an interest in attending last
week’s public hearing on the National Forest Service
proposed “Globe Project” that town officials had to
hold three consecutive meetings in the room. Fire
codes limit the town hall’s capacity to 116 people,
and each of the three public hearings filled the room
and overflowed to adjoining areas.

This week, Malone said she asked her staff to develop
an alternate plan.

-The Associated Press and Jeff Eason, staff writer

Courtesy of Watauga Democrat 9/8/06




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