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And in this stock portfolio, we have trees

[ Virginia ] You can invest in both protection and intelligent use of our local forests-those in the Blue Ridge Region-and make money on it. It ‘ s a kind of digestible environmentalism for capitalists, one that nets profits, ensures the dilemma of passage of land to safe hands and results in the type of management good business practices would dictate. Farm and forest owners are working with the Blue Ridge Forest Cooperative in order to make their land profitable so the owners don ‘ t have to sell the best parts of the land in order to make ends meet. The BRFC (which has 2,000 acres under management and another 5,000 committed during the past two months) offers specific services: management and monitoring of harvesting, processing and manufacturing of trees. It markets the products for income to offset the investment. No longer will timber companies come in, cut the best stock and present a one-time profit.

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