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A Party To Remember

imageThere are moments on this trip where individuals’ support for the campaign can make your day. When one person goes out of their way, maybe even makes a sacrifice to support what we are doing, is incredibly touching. Yesterday at our party for Ed in Sheperdstown there was an entire entourage of people, who have gone way out of their way to support Ed and the walk. College kids, professors, working heroes, and little children gathered at the train station to give Ed the best West Virginia send off I could have imagined. There are approximately 1000 people here in Sheperdstown, and by my estimates there was at least 100 people at our Ed Wiley Shindig, that is a tenth of the town that came to surround Ed and crew with love and encouragement. First of all our venue was amazing an old train station with old creaky wood floors and tall ceilings, it was a perfect stage for Ed to deliver the best presentation I have seen him give thus far. Ed eloquently delivered his MFE presentation to an incredibly attentive audience. As Ed delivered his plea to help MFE, a dozen Sheperdstown angels frantically crammed into a kitchen to prepare a free incredible meal for all who had come to support Ed, and the Speakeasy Boys a local bluegrass band tuned their instruments in anticipation of a good Ole send off for Mr. Ed Wiley. After the presentation, the impromptu block party for Ed began. Children played on skateboards, the music started, dancing was had, and Ed mingled with his many loyal fans. Ed had become a local hero. For the entire afternoon we celebrated for Ed and the cause. At one point in the afternoon we called the Governer and a crowd of supporters yelled into the phone “WE SUPPORT ED WILEY,LOVE SHEPERDSTOWN”. That should be a great message that the office gets this morning. The people of this town were not only generous with their time, but also with their donations, I am not sure how much was given for the school but trust me it was a lot. Looking out over the crowd I was overwhelmed with happiness. It looks as though we get to see our friends from Sheperdstown again, several people proclaimed they would be their for the arrival of Ed in DC, Mothers said they were taking their kids out of school for the occasion (incredible). Our thanks for the people and town of Sheperdstown could never be expressed with my words. Ed and I and Jordan were deeply deeply touched. Personally when we arrived in Sheperdstown I was at the end of my rope and their wasn’t a tire swing at the end of the rope either. We left Sheperdstown rested and rejuvenated carrying with us to DC the love and support of our new and cherished friends from the oldest town in West Virginia.
Later Days,
Austin Hall
— PS the photo was taken after I hollered into the crowd yell if you think Ed Wiley is the man.





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