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The Countdown Begins…

So after our much needed R and R here in Sheperdstown, we are gearing up for a shindig for Ed tomorrow. At 2 pm in Sheperdstown at the Train Station, Ed will have a stage to give a presentation on MFE. A local bluegrass band, who we hear is amazing (The Speakeasy Boys) are going to play in honor of Ed and the cause. After we get down to some music, we are all going to a park for a picnic. Sheperdstown WE LOVE YOU. After our stay here, with recharged batteries, we will march on to D.C. It hit me today that after 31 days on the road, we truly are nearing our goal of D.C. Being within 100 miles of Senator Robert Byrd, is making me incredibly anxious. As always Ed wants to express his love and thanks to all of our supporters without you this walk would have been impossible.

Later Days,
Austin Hall





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