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This is fantastic!

The Town of Shepherdstown


Appalachian Solidarity and Accountability Resolution

Whereas, the Town of Shepherdstown Council believes that accountable government and corporate responsibility are essential to building and sustaining communities that promote the environmental safety and health conditions of the families, children and people of the State of West Virginia and in other southern Appalachian communities, and;

Whereas, Mr. Ed Wiley, citizen of Raleigh County, WV and grandfather of a student attending Marsh Fork Elementary School, has left the steps of the capital in Charleston, WV and is walking to Washington D.C. in order to protest the conditions at his granddaughters elementary school, and;

Whereas, Mr. Wiley will be arriving in Shepherdstown, WV on the 4th of September, 2006, the Town of Shepherdstown Council would like to wish the remainder of his journey here be safe and empowering, and;

Therefore, the Town of Shepherdstown Council would like to welcome Mr. Wiley to our community and commend him for his walk to draw attention to the conditions of Marsh Fork Elementary School.

I know where I’ll be spending some time/$ next time I’m comin through WV!




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