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“Do You Remember Buffalo Creek?”

Jordan’s fourth short film about Pennies of Promise (which still needs pennies by the way) is the most awesome one yet. It gives you a good, down-to-earth picture of what Ed Wiley and them boys are dealin with day in and day out. And its hilarious.

Jordan has put together three other short films with footage from the walk:
1. Press Conference/Walk Begins
2. Day 2
3. Ed Hits 100 Miles!

If you’ve never heard Ed talk about Marsh Fork Elementary, PUHLEASE watch this short video clip.

There’s also an article about Ed in this morning’s Cumberland Times-News after his stop in Oldtown Maryland.

Buffalo Creek, by the way, is a reference to the Buffalo Creek disaster. In 1972, the dam holding back a sludge pond broke – 125 people were killed, 1,121 were injured, and over 4,000 were left homeless. Saunders, WV was wiped off the map. The sludge pond above Marsh Fork Elementary is just like that, only 21 times bigger





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