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imageAfter a very long stretch of open road, Ed finally reached a town of decent size.
The Pennies march descended upon Romney this morning around 11 am. We were met withcurious stares, beeps of the horn, the editor the the local paper ( the Hampshire Review), and some very friendly librarians. Ed posed for pictures taken by the editor, and we hope to see Ed’s smiling face in the next issue. the local librarians in Romney came to the sidewalk to inquire about Ed and his giant flag, they offered the library as a rest stop and a place for Ed to tell his story. As always Ed delivered the story of Marsh Fork in excellent detail and patience. The listeners were of course appalled and offered donations, and kind words of support to the Pennies march to D.C. last night Jordan, Ed and I camped along the banks of the S. Branch of the Potomac River. Ed said we should make a raft and just float the rest of the way. It was encouraging to know that we were along a waterway that flows into our final destination, in a way the river was letting us know we were close, and that we should just keep rolling on 280 miles and counting, why don’t ya’ll call the governor and tell him how awesome you think ED is, and how he should get us a new school !!!

Later Days,
P.S. No pictures yet but they will be coming soon.




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