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I wanted to take a post to acknowledge our partners in Ed’s walk and the Pennies of Promise effort.
They are fantastic groups, and none of Ed’s success would be possible without them.

I especially want to acknowledge…
1) Pennies of Promise

The originals! Ed is a central part of Pennies, which is the chief engine behind everything.

2) Coal River Mountain Watch

CRMW, as their name implies, works on the front lines in the Coal River Valley. They do fantastic work and a lot of the coalfield organizing.

3) The Ohio Valley Environmental Coaliton (OHVEC)

They are one of the most amazing online resources ever, as well as the fact that they have an amazing staff and do good work in the coalfields. The daily news page is a huge resource to me.

Thanks to Ed, Austin, and all everyone who is out there doing great work and contributing to this project.




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