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Eco-logging deal in the works for Clayoquot Sound

[Canada] The largest logging company in Clayoquot, first nations-owned Iisaak Forest Products, has confirmed it is ready to sign a deal with Ecotrust Canada to turn management over to Ecotrust, which has a record for merging capital with conservation. Iisaak Forest Products general manager Gary Johnsen said Iisaak has worked out a management contract with Ecotrust Canada to establish a conservation-based economy in the rainforests of the Sound. The deal, worked out over the last six months, would mark the first time one of B.C.’s struggling forest companies had been restructured not only for the bottom line but to make it ecologically sustainable as well. Valerie Langer, of the Friends of Clayoquot Sound, said the proposed restructuring would ease environmental concerns if it meant Iisaak would focus on harvesting less timber, which is now ending up in commodity markets. Making money by cutting less won’t be a problem, said the man who will be charged with doing the actual logging. “It can be done,” said Thomas Olsen, of Triumph Timber, one of the province’s top eco-system-based loggers.

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