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Mid-terms in the Mountains

Election season is heating up. Heres some regional races I’ve got my eyes on.

VA-Senate (Survey USA)
George Allen (R)(inc.) – 47%
Jim Webb (D) – 42%

TN-Senate (Rassmussen)
Bob Corker (R) – 48%
Harold Ford(D) – 42%

NC-11 (Public Policy Polling) (with leaners)
Charles Taylor (R)(inc.) – 45%
Heath Shuler (D) – 51%
Note, this poll is from July 11th. Surely there are newer poll numbers? Those numbers are right in line with earlier polling though. The National Journal ranks this seat as 18th most likely to change party control.

KY-04 (WCPO)
Geoff Davis (R) – 46%
Ken Lucas (D)– 44%
Polling on this race has been all over the place, sometimes giving Lucas a near double digit lead. So…who knows?

WV-Senate (Rasmussen Reports)
John Raese (R) – 31%
Robert Byrd (D)(inc.) – 56%

SC-Governor (Rasmussen Reports)
Mark Sanford (R) – 47%
Tommy Moore (D) – 38%

Any others?…

UPDATE:From Aug 16th,Shuler 50% – Taylor (46%)





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