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The Long and Lonely Road

imageAfter a short exit from West Virginia into Maryland, we are back on home turf. Currently Ed is walking on a particularly hilly section of rt.50. We have left Maryland and the wonderful hospitality of my Dad and His Lady Cris. Thank You both so much, for the food, the laughs, the bed, and the crucial media contacts. My sweetheart, Abby Pifer as Ed calls her, has been on the road with us now for the past few days. She has been an incredible support to both of us. Her ever positive energy has given Ed and I a much appreciated boost to our journey. Along with keeping me company on rural roads of late, she would generally tackle 6 miles every morning with the speed walker Ed, to keep him company and be an ear for his thoughts. She leaves us today, and i can tell you she will be missed. Ed still surprises me with his stamina and determination, and as each day advances I realize how far we have gone and it amazes me. Spirits are high, the weather is great, and we are beginning to realize we are really going to make it to D.C.

Later Days,
Austin Hall





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