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Blowing Rock vs. THE GLOBE!!! (a win for citizens)

In what will be seen as a HUGE victory for local citizens, the leaders of Blowing Rock, NC came out opposing “the globe” logging project in their backyard. Their backyard on the Blue Ridge, coincidentally, happens to be the Pisgah National Forest.

From the Charlotte Observer:

Blowing Rock’s Town Council on Thursday unanimously opposed a controversial U.S. Forest Service plan to log 231 acres nearby and asked the agency to create a special “scenic view” designation for the area to be logged.
The Forest Service also agreed to extend a comment period on the plan to Aug. 18 after Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., contacted it on behalf of local residents.

State and local politicians of all stripes eventually got involved because ordinary people used their voices. The community really came together fast in opposing the cut, and ordinary people used their voice.

A decision has yet to be made by the Forest Service about future plans, but they will now have to work on “selling” the idea to the citizens of Blowing Rock.

Not likely to happen.





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