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Howdy from Grafton, West “By God” Virginia

imageWe have arrived at rt.50, Ed has turned east and we are now heading straight for D.C., it’s my guess that those Washington folks have no idea what they are in store for. The last two days have gone great, the weather could not have been better, and I know Ed appreciates the respite from the upper 90 degree temperatures of last week. Ed, JW and I welcomed Bo Webb, and Danny Williams to our crew last night. Bo and Danny encountered us north of Buchhannon with a carload of food, good stories plenty of laughs( if y’all know Danny Williams you know you can’t be around him and not feel pain from the hours of laughter, the man can draw from you). Bo cooked us all steaks, and we devoured vegetables straight from Danny’s legendary garden. A highlight of my evening was eating three or four pieces of Rosa William’s cornbread, I am a cornbread feign and it is some of the best I have ever had (Thanks Rosa!!). Bo and company left us the next morning, and Ed continued his march to the capitol. Yesterday we had to emergency flag repair to the now famous Pennies of Promise flag. image After a half an hour of carving some handy maple sapling braces for our injured flag we were back on the road. Tonight my Dad is hosting the Pennies of Promise crew, and that means Ed gets to sleep in a bed after 10 nights of camping! Ed is at a staggering 180 miles and showing no signs of slowing, if anything I see his determination grow by the day. Keep up the support and don’t forget to CALL THE GOVERNOR, lets keep on him!

Love From The Road,
Austin Hall




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