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Buchhannon Day 9

imageEd is officially causing a buzz here in Buchhannon. This morning we ventured into Buchannon for two interviews. One with the local Buchhannon paper ( Record Delta) and the other with WDTV Channel 5 in Buchannon. As always Ed was amazing nailing the message and moving seamlessly from Newspaper interview to television interview. I was particularly impressed with Ed’s tact in dealing with the people of this particular leg of the walk. As many of you know we are walking within 7 miles of the Sago Mine, the site of the travesty we all remember not too long ago. Ed is particularly sensitive to the healing process of this town. He constantly reiterates his desire to show respect for this area and the community of Buchannon. This morning in the interviews he made a point of getting this message of respect out on the local media outlets. We have convinced Ed to just walk 9.5 miles today, that way he will start tomorrows walk inside Buchhannon limits visible for all too see, we hope this will maximize his attention in this town. His thoughts are with his support net always. Ed wanted me to tell everyone he dedicates 2 miles everyday to the different organizations and individuals who have made this possible.

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