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Heres the Deal

Everytime someone makes a donation to Pennies of Promise, Im going to make Austin Hall (Appalachian Voices Field Organizer) TALLER…


…Until he is back at his original height!

Now…Austin is 6’8”, which rounds up to 7 feet even. This little squatty guy here has a long way to go!!!

In a post below this, theres a picture of Austin as he stands in real life. And he NEEEDS to be tall, or he won’t be able to cheat with his long legs to keep up with Ed on the walk!

I chipped in .05/mile on blogger’s salary. WHO CAN MATCH ME? Can you give .05/mile to Ed Wiley and Pennies of Promise? Or are we going to have to make YOU walk 455 miles in August heat? Hmm…

Let’s get Austin back to normal!!

Get Giv’n!




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