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Austin Strikes Again

We posted at the same time :)…go figure.

Austin Hall, our own “Hillbilly on a Mission,” – LIVE and ON THE ROAD with Ed Wiley:…

imageForgive my absence from e-mail world. As of late the walk is taking us through areas where our questions for internet service are met with stares as though we have just aked someone to recite the US Constitution in Arabic. Ed is in Rock Cave West Virginia right now, currently walking through a particularly smelly section of newly paved road. As most of you know we crossed the one hundred mile mark two days ago just outside Sutton WV. It was an extremely poignant moment. Ed began the morning of one hundred miles in an all out downpour, steadily pushing on through the deluge and constant barrage of fast moving logging trucks. As Ed rounded the bend towards our monumental mile marker the rain stopped, the trucks slowed down, and Ed delivered a powerful emmotion filled thank you to his welcoming party( which was only Jordan who was filming and myself, but it was still special). He spoke with tears in his eyes, as he conveyed his deepest regard for all that stand behind him on this walk, he needs you to know that you are all with him through every step. The power behind our mission became perfectly clear, as I watched this strong holler boy walk past 100 miles with his wet flag and and new shiny red rain jacket( not to mention the fact that the man walks 100 miles in 7 days). Last night to our great surprise Debbie Jarrell met up with us deep in the Boonies outside Sutton. Her presence was deeply appreciated as was her food. She stayed with us on the banks of Burnsville lake and scolded Jordan and I for swimming all the way across, once a mother always a mother. This morning she walked the first mile of the day with Ed, it was wonderfull seeing the two of them head out at Ed’s outrageous pace!! She left us at the Lewis county line, and Ed charged ahead with a seemingly recharged bounce in his step. We are currently at 120 miles that means in about a week we will have reached the halfway point. I will email more about where that will be, I encourage anyone who is supporting Ed to be there, I promise you will enjoy yourself giving support to this righteous cause.
PS the library I am in right now doesnt allow pictures to be dowbnloaded on to their network, sorry for the delay I have some great ones, but no worries I will get them out in a day or so,
PSS ED has a newspaper interview tommorow with the Buchannon Local paper YEEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAWWW
Debbie- Thanks so much for coming out to us I think I speak for us all when I say it was wonderfull to see you





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