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Day 8 from Ed

Today Ed Wiley hit 120 miles walking into Rock Cave (the town, not an actual rock cave. Ed wouldnt hide from anybody.)!

Austin, Abby, Debbie, and Mr. Ed Wiley

He spent last night camping on a beautiful Appalachian lake, and Debbie (seen in above photo) paid Ed and the support team a suprise visit.

Ed is in very high spirits! At the 100 mile mark Ed knew that the support for this march, and for the children of Marsh Fork Elementary was palpatable.

Austin Hall, Field Organizer, says:

The power of everyone supporting him was, is, and must remain apparent. We plan to arrive in Buckhannon tomorrow where JW Randolph is going to find us.

Sweet! Thats me!

Call Governor Manchin!

If yall can make him cave to grassroots pressure so that I don’t have to try and keep pace with Ed, I’d really appreciate that. So GET TO CALLIN!

And chip in to help Ed if you can.

[UPDATE]OHVEC has more:

Ed wanted to make sure everyone knew about the ammonia spill for a coal prep plant in Upshur County, where he should be by the end of the day. The spill killed fish along 1.5 miles of stream Tuesday. What would have happened had this spill been at the coal prep plant that borders the Marsh Fork Elementary School?

Ed should be in Buckhannon tomorrow or early the next day. At Buckhannon, he heads up 119 North to Grafton, then it’s 50 East to Romney





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