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Blowing Rock, NC Vs. THE GLOBE!!! (…lets see action!)

There is a town meeting at the Blowing Rock town hall to talk about the Globe Project until 6PM today! If youre up in town, why not drop on by? Town officials will make a decision to oppose or endorse the project tomorrow.

Here is their contact info:

Mayor J.B. Lawrence 828-295-3162

[Update: Mr. Lawrence just told me that it would be “political suicide” to vote for the Globe Project. He says he doesn’t want to see a single tree get cut down. Although he did say “the jury is still out,” and let me know that he thinks that it would effect the home owners more than the tourism industry. He also confirmed that it will be selective cutting and that 30% of the canopy/acre will be left standing.]

Barbara Ball 828-295-1909 # doesn’t work

Tommy Klutz 828-295-3502

Terry Lentz 828-295-3276

Keith Tester 828-295-7354

Rita Wiseman 828-295-9726

Check out the post below this one, and the Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project for more info. SABP has a press release with talking points

Thank you Lamar Marshall!





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