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Can Spitzer’s Appalachia Be Saved?

Many of us remember when NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer said this about upstate New York:

“If you drive from Schenectady to Niagara Falls, you’ll see an economy that is devastated,” Spitzer says on the tape. “It looks like Appalachia. This is not the New York we dream of.

Well, actually, it IS the New York I dream of. AND its a part of the Appalachian Mountains.

But besides that… I like Spitzer. Hes a good guy and does good things. Honest mistake. He just needs to realize that we aren’t going to be the standard-bearers of the bottom anymore.

Now, the NY Times takes a stab, at a policy that could have serious effects on Spitzer’s Appalachia in upstate NY as the U.S. lists places where it could force new power lines. What makes a power production, transmission, and consumption state, regional, or national?
Its a good question.





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