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Scientific Certainty

Dr. Scott Simonton expresses with scientific certainty that the children of Marsh Fork Elementary are exposed to dangerous amounts of coal dust.

In short, dust has been and is generated at the Goals Coal facility as a result of material handling activities and this dust migrates to the school property and into the school, where it is respired. This dust has known health hazards, especially in the inhalation exposure route. I believe that the inhalation of this dust must be avoided and prevented. I believe that the occupants of Marsh Fork Elementary School are at risk from exposure to the dust emitted from the Goals Coal facility. – D. . Scott Simonton, PE, PhD

Have you called Governor Manchin today in support of Ed Wiley and Pennies of Promise?
Call Him Toll Free

Support Ed and Pennies of Promise. We are helping to give children a safe place to go to school. How much would you pay for your own kids? .01/mile($4.50)? .05/mile ($22.75)? Can we give $1/mile for grandfather Ed Wiley, who is walking 2,402,400 feet (nearly 1 million steps!) so that his granddaughter can breathe at her elementary school?

The answer is yes. We can. And we must!





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