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From the Author of “The United States of Appalachia”…

Breaking news from the great Appalachian Evangelist (meaning…an evangelist for the Appalachian Mountains):

just a summertime note that my new book on mountain cultures in the Sierra Madre (also known as Copper Canyon) of Mexico, IN THE SIERRA MADRE, is coming across the border this fall. Should you or anyone you know be curious about the mountaineers in Mexico, IN THE SIERRA MADRE chronicles the astonishing history of one of the most famous, yet unknown, regions in the world. Based on my one-year sojourn in a Raramuri (Tarahumara) village, the book explores the ways of a resilient indigenous culture in the Americas, the exploits of the Mexican mountaineers, and the fascinating parade of argonauts and accidental travelers that has journeyed into the Sierra Madre over centuries–from African explorers, Bohemian friars, Confederate and Irish war deserters, French poets, Boer and Russian commandos, hidden Apache and Mennonite communities, bewildered archaeologists, addled writers, and legendary characters like Antonin Artaud, B. Traven, Sergei Eisenstein, George Patton, Geronimo and Pancho Villa!

More info can be found at: here or at Jeff Bigger’s website





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