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Craftsman’s wood may floor you

[Wisconsin] A former forestry consultant for clients such as Marshall Erdman & Associates, Birkemeier, who grew up on Madison’s west side, has since become a pioneer, specializing in sustainable wood floors and solar-powered wood-drying kilns. His cutting practices are more aptly called lifting practices, as more often than not, his timber is found lying on the forest floor. By selling the finished final product, wood floors, Birkemeier says he can allow his forest to mature and deepen while making more money on the land than from any other use.”We really had to learn to make money on worthless wood,” he says, demonstrating by rolling a small log onto his sawmill. “We’ve never cut a good tree.” By doing so, the value of a forest is increased enormously, Birkemeier says. And at the same time, his system prevents having to cut trees faster than they can naturally replace themselves.

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