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Day 6 (AM): finding the big cats

Thunder and lighting stayed our constant companions on the night of Day 5. Ed walked blisters and all another 16.5 miles. We spent the night once again on the Elk River, in what some would call a torrential downpour. As Jordan and I retired to our tents, Ed stayed awake to watch the lighting and unwind a bit. Jordan and I were asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. As we slept Ed watched a small bobcat stroll right through our campsite in between our tents and into the woods. After 8 hours of heavy thunder and lighting the morning turned out to be quite pleasant. Ed began his walk on Day 6 in the town of Gassaway, with the patience of Job Ed told and retold his story to everyone he encountered. Here comes the good part, as he passed the Mayors office in Gassaway, Ed decided it would be best to pay him a little visit. Ed marched right into the Mayor’s office told him the plea of the Marsh Fork issue, and asked if he would call the Governor to relay his own concerns about the Marsh Fork Elementary School. From the way Jordan described the scene, it sounded pretty outstanding( I was busy getting ice for our constantly warming cooler). Today the march heads into Sutton WV the first substantial town since Charleston, you can bet Jordan and I will be there to inform the masses of the oncoming frieght train, we call ED. Have a wonderfull day much love to all, I will talk to you again soon.





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