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We all depend on our forests

I am deeply concerned that today’s front page squabbles and gridlock between the so called “hikers and loggers” is overshadowing our shared interest in the health, productivity, and sustainability of our forests. Our broadest understanding of and best science about forests show that the lives and livelihood of all of us depend on forests. Yet the groups that truly care about forests are battling each other. National enrollment data compiled at Utah State University has confirmed significantly declining undergraduate enrollments in natural resources and environmental fields at many universities. At the same time, a recent report of the National Research Council has documented dwindling forest research capacity in our agencies and universities. Instead of battling for limited self-interests, we need to join together to support the roles, values, and potential for forests to serve the greater good. Looking to the future, the natural resources deans of the 69 universities in the National Association of University Forest Resources Programs have come together to put forward a new vision for America’s forests. Our shared statement, “Forests for A Richer Future,” is being delivered to members of Congress and other leaders across the nation.

Forests for A Richer Future

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