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What we eat effects our environment.

A federal federal researcher’s unpublished study lurks at the center of a dispute between the state Environmental Management Commission and its critics over reducing mercury emissions from North Carolina’s coal-fired power plants.

North Carolina’s newest state park hasn’t even opened and already there’s talk of making it bigger.

Duke wants to add coal-fired units in Cleveland and Rutherford Counties.

The State may acquire a portion of Chimney Rock Park

The Highlands Plateau Audubon Society, in conjunction with Audubon North Carolina, is undertaking a long-term project to monitor bird populations on the Highlands Plateau.

As our readers “down east” know all to well, hog waste stinks!

Durham Public Schools will pay about $70,000 for cleanup and other costs related to last month’s mercury spill at an elementary school, school officials said.

Woodpeckers are having quite the time at Fort Bragg!





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