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NC Roundup

Today’s roundup of NC action. Id really like to recognize the phenomenal North Carolina Conservation Network, also known as “NC ConNet”. This fantastic organization is absolutely top of the line in both the grassroots and legislative arenas, and does a fantastic job of doing the NC portion of my job – which is rounding up NC news related to conservation, environment, politics, agriculture, human health, etc. Please check them out, and consider them in this year’s giving plan.

Organic has gone big-time . The Charlotte Observer gives an optimistic piece on small-family farms the explosive growth of the organic food movement..

Asheville hearing to weigh nuclear power proposal. The N.C. Utilities Commission will be in town Thursday for a 7 p.m. public hearing in District 1 Courtroom in the Buncombe County Courthouse.

The EPA has completed cleanup of mercury in several areas of Oak Grove Elementary School. Last week, some Durham County students were found to have mercury poisoning traced back to the drinking water supply. Im glad they’re able to fix it quickly, and that everyone is OK.

Clean air gets a hard sell. Some of the region’s biggest employers, from Bank of America to Duke Energy, have signed on to a business-driven campaign to reduce summer smog levels beginning today.

Alternative fuels get traction in NC. A Southern Pines station is the first in North Carolina to pump only alternatives to gasoline.

A blistering fight over whether paddling should be allowed along the upper stretch of the Chattooga Wild and Scenic River has landed in court.

From all of your friends here at Appalachian Voices, thanks NCConNet .





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