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Court Rules that Forest Service Acted Illegally

The Southern Environmental Law Center rocks:

In a major win for protecting special areas in the Southern Appalachian mountains, a federal court has ruled the Forest Service acted illegally in pursuing two timber sales in the Cherokee National Forest. The ruling comes in SELC’s lawsuit to halt the timber sales – one is the largest in the Cherokee in recent memory, the other would ruin one of the most biologically rich areas in the forest.

Major kudos to SELC for this big win in helping to preserve our woodlands. And this isn’t the only front that they are fighting on…

With Environmental Defense v. Duke Energy Corp they will be taking air regulations and the merits thereof in front of the Supreme Court. More specifically, installing modern controls and the exact defenition of the word increase when it comes in front of the words your industry’s toxic air emissions.

As they say, It shoudn’t take the Supreme Court.





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