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Breaking: UN to hear from coalfield residents

I can’t tell you how big this is!

Please read the story here. Coalfield residents will finally be able to voice to an international body who can help them stop the atrocities of Mountaintop Removal coal-mining!!!

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Ive met Larry Gibson. He has had his property in his family for 220+ years. However, he has been terrorized by coal companies, they have killed his dogs, vandalized his house, and blasted boulders the size of mini-vans ONTO HIS PROPERTY!

This is going on in America, and Larry Gibson is working to stop it by speaking to the UN.

West Virginians Donetta Blankenship and Larry Gibson have at least one thing in common.

When someone talks about the low cost of coal, they shake their heads. The three West Virginia coalfield residents, whose lives have been impacted by mountain top removal, will be just three of the Appalachian voices to be heard this May in New York City.

Their stories have been chronicled in the pages of international magazines, including National Geographic, and they will be a part of the first Coal Field Delegation to go to the United Nations for the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development.

Please go read the whole article.

This is great news.





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