Tell NCUC: Don’t let Piedmont Natural Gas raise our rates!

Piedmont Natural Gas, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, wants to increase its annual income by 9% and double the amount of money its shareholders receive—all at the expense of its customers.

Tell the North Carolina Utilities Commission that Piedmont should be seeking to make its customers’ bills cheaper, not line its own pockets with an extra $75.5 million a year.

In its application, Piedmont is requesting $285 million for “plant in service for projected additions through June 30, 2019” accounts for the projected cost of the proposed Robeson County LNG facility ($250 million). This could include the cost of the pipeline that they would need to build to connect this facility.

Rate payers should not be required to pay the cost of a facility that has not been built and is still being opposed by the impacted community.

Help us protect clean air by attending an upcoming hearing or submitting your comments today.

Tell the N.C. Utilities Commission: Don’t let PNG raise our rates!