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The reclamation myth, it’s still happening too

4614774906_888ebf4231_bCompanies are still using mountaintop removal, blowing up mountains in Appalachia to mine coal. But despite what some say, they are not putting them back together again. Until the Obama administration and Congress take serious action, no amount of reclamation is going to fix the problems the mining is leaving behind.


Quarry Opposition in Ky.

By Amber Ellis Citizens in Powell County, Ky., are not taking kindly to the threat of a new rock quarry atop Furnace Mountain courtesy of Red River Materials. More than 150 people discussed their questions and concerns at a public


Nathan Hall: Reclaiming Appalachia’s Land and Future

By Rachel Ellen Simon Nathan Hall was born in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, surrounded by lush hardwood forests, cool trout streams and barren moonscapes — the latter courtesy of mountaintop removal coal mining. “It was all around me, in