Stop FERC’s pipeline rubber stamp!

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is considering changes to the way it evaluates interstate fracked gas pipeline projects. The agency has traditionally served as a rubber stamp for the gas industry, approving nearly every pipeline proposed over the last several decades.

However, much of the U.S. already has sufficient pipeline infrastructure to keep the lights on, and with renewable sources of power like wind and solar becoming the cheapest forms of electricity in many markets, the nation is transitioning rapidly to clean energy.

Sign the petition below to tell FERC that a modern approach to reviewing pipelines requires:

  1. A deeper analysis of market demand for fracked gas
  2. A more comprehensive look at existing and proposed pipelines in each region and their cumulative environmental impacts
  3. Better opportunities for public engagement, especially for communities directly impacted by the projects

UPDATE: Thank you for taking the time to comment on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s policy for certifying new natural gas infrastructure! In order to allow time to process and submit comments, Appalachian Voices’ petition is now closed. You may still submit comments directly to FERC through the end of the day (Wednesday, July 25, 2018). The docket number is PL18-1-000.