Stop Dominion Energy’s ratepayer rip-off!

The Virginia Senate is set to vote TODAY on Dominion Energy’s ratepayer rip-off. It’s urgent to contact your senators now!

Dominion Energy is at it again with a legislative package that is one giant ratepayer rip-off.

The utility giant is pushing legislation that would boost corporate profits at the expense of its Virginia customers. The bill would skirt regulatory authority in order to spend up to $50 billion of customers’ money to bury power lines. It would also allow utilities to charge customers twice for some energy infrastructure investments.

Granted monopoly power by the state, Dominion operates without any market competition and is guaranteed to make money whenever it spends money. The Attorney General’s office concluded that the legislation could cost ratepayers billions of dollars more, effectively continuing the 2015 rate freeze that allowed Dominion to unfairly keep hundreds of millions of ratepayer dollars in over-earnings.

As a constituent, I am calling today to ask that you OPPOSE SB 966. In its current form, this bill would cost customers like me significantly over the long term, having far worse impacts than the current “rate freeze.”

As written, the bill would skirt normal SCC oversight, allowing $50 billion of ratepayer money to be spent to bury power lines and there are provisions that allow Dominion to charge customers twice for some major utility investments.

Please vote no on SB 966.

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