Energy Efficiency Story Collection/Communications Assistant (Knoxville, Tenn. office)

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The Energy Savings for Appalachia campaign is focused on helping residents in these communities access low-cost funding to make substantial improvements to their home’s energy efficiency. To help provide that access, Appalachian Voices is working with rural electric cooperatives across the region to promote and develop a unique type of home energy loan program known as “on-bill financing.”

Appalachian Voices’ Energy Savings team is looking for an intern to collect stories and photographs of electric cooperative member-owners in East Tennessee. The intern will have access to working space in our Knoxville office and will also spend time in the field interviewing member-owners about their energy-burden and energy-success stories. These stories will be used to generate awareness of the need for and benefits of energy efficiency financing and will be promoted through blog posts, news articles, social media, etc.

We seek a candidate with strong writing skills and a capacity for interacting with rural residents of different backgrounds, political views, and income levels. Ideally, this candidate will have some historical understanding of media portrayals of the people of Appalachia and will use this to inform their interactions and writing. The ideal candidate will also have some working knowledge of, or interest in learning about, energy efficiency as it relates to home weatherization and appliances.

This position will be located in our Knoxville, Tenn. office. Part-time; ideally 10+ hours per week, starting as soon as possible and continuing through the semester. Additional responsibilities can be added for academic qualifications. This is an unpaid position, however, a digital portfolio of the completed interviews/photos will be created by Appalachian Voices for the intern’s future use in showcasing his/her work.

Intern activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Connecting with electric cooperative member-owners in the field (pre-approved travel expenses will be reimbursed)
  • Conducting online research on electric cooperative programs and services
  • Making phone calls to confirm, substantiate and supplement information gathered through the online search


  • Committed to environmental and economic issues in the Appalachian region
  • Should be proficient with Google Docs and spreadsheets
  • Understanding of media portrayal of the people of Appalachia
  • Strong photography skills
  • Strong writing skills
  • An understanding of/interest in energy efficiency, particularly as it relates to home weatherization and energy efficient appliances
  • Can meet deadlines
  • Sense of humor and good listening and communication skills


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