Fight the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

Pipeline in Pennsylvania state forest. Photo by StateImpact PA reporter

Pipeline in Pennsylvania State Forest. Photo by StateImpact PA reporter

Help us stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

The proposed fracked-gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a dangerous boondoggle that would put private property, public lands, drinking water supplies, historic sites, Native American communities and global climate at risk for corporate profits.

If built, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would carry fracked gas 600 miles through West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. The 42-inch diameter pipeline would mar thousands of acres of forest, and cut through family farms, historic areas and Native American communities, posing threats to drinking water and human safety all along the route. It would permanently destroy a wide swath through the George Washington National Forest, where it would traverse multiple steep and fragile slopes.

Studies show that the pipeline is not needed to keep our lights on and our businesses thriving, yet the $5 billion cost of the project will be reflected on our electric and gas bills. The project represents an expensive commitment to burning fossil fuels for several more decades. Meanwhile, clean energy resources like wind and solar are now cheaper than gas or cost-competitive.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has the authority to approve or reject this project. The public comment period for FERC’s environmental review of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline closed on April 6, 2017. Stay tuned for updates on the final review.