Contact your legislators about Northam’s dismissals!

Gov. Northam deserves continued pressure from the public and other elected officials for the blatant support he gave to the pipeline’s lead developer, Dominion Energy, when he dismissed two State Air Control Board members in the middle of their decision on Dominion’s requested air permit for the Buckingham Compressor Station.

CALL YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS TODAY to tell them your concerns and ask that they stand up to Northam.

Legislator Call Script

Hello. My name is _______________ and I’m a constituent of _________________.
I am calling because I am profoundly disappointed with Gov. Northam’s decision to change the Air Pollution Control Board membership shortly before their final vote on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s Buckingham Compressor Station, and I want you to do something about it. These personnel changes appear to put corporate interests, specifically Dominion Energy’s, before the public interest. Please stand up for environmental justice and public health in Virginia and publicly demand that Gov. Northam reverse his decision and reinstate Rebecca Rubin and Samuel Bleicher until the board votes on the pending permit. Thank you for your time.

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John Laury

John Laury, who lives near the proposed compressor station, speaks before the State Air Pollution Control Board on Nov. 8, 2018. On his t-shirt is a photograph of his wife, Ruby, with the words “We Are All Union Hill.” Photo by Lara Mack